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Stroly Viewer v17.6.0 has been released

Hello. I’m Ishii from the Stroly development team.

The other day, my sister and her husband came to Fukuoka to visit, and we went to Itoshima and Marine World Umi no Nakamichi together. We went to Itoshima Shokudo to eat seafood bowls, and I must say it was the most satisfying seafood bowl I’ve ever had, with large ikura and perfectly thick and big toppings.

I have a niece who is just over 1 year old, but she is quite shy with strangers, so even though we met after a long time, she cried a lot, and she cried again when we said goodbye.

It made her uncle a little sad.

Some of you may be taking summer vacation soon, so why not try finding a travel destination with Stroly!


Update Information for Stroly Viewer v17.6.0

Entrances can now be displayed on certain maps

We have released a feature where spots with specific settings in the new version map editor can be displayed as entrances when the map is opened.

If you would like to display original entrances or usage instructions within maps currently published on Stroly, please feel free to contact Stroly.

Guide modal now appears when trying to use Stroly Viewer in an SNS app’s internal browser

When using Stroly in a browser integrated within specific SNS apps, users may not be able to complete desired actions properly. Therefore, we have implemented a guide modal that prompts switching to standard browsers (such as Safari or Google Chrome) when using Stroly in SNS app internal browsers.

This guide modal does not always appear but is displayed when attempting operations or managing progress related to app permissions, such as “Show current location on the map” or “Start stamp rally.”

Dig the Local Kyoto is now available

Starting June 2024, we have begun sharing deep Kyoto insights from our Stroly Kyoto office with “Dig the Local Kyoto.”

“Dig the Local Kyoto” will feature seasonal highlights, event information, and introduce recommended maps about Kyoto available on Stroly.

Please check it out.

At Stroly, we strive daily to develop new features and improve functionality to create exciting user experiences. Please continue to look forward to our releases.

If you encounter any issues or have any requests while using Stroly, please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from all of our users.