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Released Stroly Viewer v16.7.0

This is Aoki from the Stroly development team.
With the weather changing so rapidly these days, how is everyone doing?

I recently went camping at Resort Oshima in Kushimoto Town, Wakayama Prefecture.

During this camping trip, I replaced the glass (globe) covering the flame of the oil lantern (a lantern that burns paraffin oil to light up) with an amber-colored one, enjoying a warm light different from the usual camping experience.


Even with a regular globe, watching the flame flicker inside the lantern is soothing, but changing to a warm color really shifts the atmosphere.

Normally, I light up the inside of the tent brightly with LED lanterns, but this time, mainly using the oil lantern and candle lantern (top right in the photo) as well as the light from a wood stove, I found myself falling asleep much easier.

The light was not bright enough to read a book, but I was able to enjoy what I’d call a very luxurious time of “doing nothing.”

For my next camping trip, I want to enjoy the campfire until right before I go to sleep. Maybe next month is a good time to go.

Release Notes for Stroly Viewer v16.7.0

Guidance for the “Current Location” feature is now displayed when opening maps on smartphones

To make Stroly more convenient for our users, we have started displaying guidance for the necessary “Current Location” feature on all maps.
This display will only appear when accessing maps on a smartphone.

Enabling the “Current Location” feature allows you to use convenient functions such as “Route search from the current location to a spot” and “Synchronization of current location with the map position (screen following function for current location).”
We hope you will display your current location on the map and make the most of Stroly.

At Stroly, we are committed to developing new features and improving functionality daily to provide an exciting user experience. Please look forward to our upcoming releases.

If you have any issues or requests while using Stroly, please feel free to contact us.

Our entire staff is looking forward to hearing from all of our users.