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Released stroly-viewer v15.5.0

Greetings to everyone, I’m Aoki, an engineer at Stroly.

It’s been about ten years since I started living in Wakayama Prefecture, but I recently visited Wakayama Castle for the first time. It was a rather nice castle and park, and if I lived nearby, I would want to go for a walk there every day.

Being a castle, the terrain is quite hilly, making it perfect for a workout. I also tried the ginger ale and ice cream from the souvenir shop at the entrance to the castle tower, and they were both delicious. Please make sure to stop by when you visit Wakayama Castle.

Now, let me introduce the contents of this release.

Changes in stroly-viewer v15.5.0

Improved the UI of the search screen

Previously, there was no total count of search results and pagination, but these features have been added in this release.

Please try finding your favorite map with the more user-friendly search interface.

Minor improvements to the Viewer

When Stroly is displayed on a wide screen, multiple buttons on the bottom right have been repositioned to align with the bottom edge of the screen. This prevents the map from being obstructed by the buttons.

At Stroly, we strive to develop new features and improve functionality every day to create an exciting user experience. Please continue to look forward to the release.

If you have any problems or requests while using Stroly, please feel free to contact us.

All of our staff are looking forward to hearing from our users.