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Stroly Viewer v11.10.0 and Stroly My Page v2.10.0 are released

Hello, this is Aoki from the Stroly development team.

Happy New Year!
We look forward to working with you again this year.

Did you do any shopping during the year-end and New Year holidays?
At our house, the freezer is almost overflowing with frozen foods that we ordered during the year-end sale.
We are looking forward to eating them in a variety of different ways.

Now, I would like to introduce today’s release information.

Stroly Viewer v11.10.0 Update Information

Minor fixes to URL parameters

Fixed a bug in which the magnification level specified by “zoom” sometimes did not become the same when “lat,” “lng,” or “zoom” was set as a URL parameter in the viewer.

Change to hide spot names on free plan maps

In a previous release, the name of the spot was displayed above the spot pin, but this has been made non-displayable.

In the future, the function to display spot names will be provided in the paid version (Premium and Basic plans) of the map.

Stroly My Page v2.10.0 Release Details

Changed the order of the board list displayed when selecting the “board” to which each map belongs.

The order of the board list displayed when changing the “board” to which each map belongs on the map list screen has been changed to “Recently created boards first”.

This change makes it easier to find the board you are looking for.

By the way, “board” is a function that allows multiple maps to be displayed on the list page.
The help guide also provides a brief introduction to the function, so please try to make good use of it.
About Boards

Stroly Map Editor Release Details

Preview screen changed to be displayed in smartphone size

When the “Preview” button in the map editor is pressed, the preview used to be displayed on a larger screen.
However, since many Stroly users are smartphone users, we have changed the size of the preview screen to smartphone size.

This makes it easier to check how the map looks from the actual user’s point of view.

The design of the viewer and map editor previews are different, but we are planning to change them to the same design as the viewer in the future. Please wait for future releases.

Improvement of the behavior when editing multilingual spot information

First, let us explain how it has been working so far.

When “English” was selected from the language list on the Spot tab of the Map Editor and the Edit Spot Information screen was opened, “Japanese” was selected in the language list on the Edit screen, and the data to be edited was also in “Japanese.

With this change, the language selected in the language list on the spot tab is now also carried over to the spot information edit screen.

I wanted to change the spot information in English, but I changed the spot information in Japanese! I think this situation will be less likely to occur.

At Stroly, we are constantly developing new features and improving functionality to create an exciting user experience. Please continue to look forward to its release.

If you have any problems using Stroly, or if you have any requests, please feel free to contact us from the Contact Us page.

We look forward to hearing from all of our users.