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Stroly Viewer v13.9 and StrolyCom v6.14 are released

Hello, I am Uchiyama of the Stroly development team.

The other day, I went to Okutama because I missed nature.

I walked from Okutama Station to Okutama Lake, and I thought it would take me a couple of hours to get there, but it took me about 5 hours with some side trips, and the second half was quite difficult.

Road leading to Okutama Lake

The goal was overwhelmed by the vast landscape of Lake Okutama.

Lake Okutama

The goal feels very fulfilling, even though the usual development can be hard in development.

Update information for stroly-viewer v13.9

Added a callout to have the GPS button enabled on the map

We added a callout next to the GPS button because until now there was no callout and the GPS button was sometimes missed.

Please press the GPS button to get your current location when using the map.

Gion Festival (Kyoto Newspaper) map is displayed on the TOP page

Stroly’s recommended map is the map of the current Gion Festival.

Take a look and if you are interested, go to Kyoto!


At Stroly, we’re committed to developing and improving features every day to provide an exciting user experience. We hope you’re looking forward to future releases.

If you have any issues or requests regarding Stroly, please feel free to contact us.

Our entire staff is looking forward to hearing from you.