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  4. We have released Stroly Viewer v14.2.0 and StrolyCom v6.17.0.

We have released Stroly Viewer v14.2.0 and StrolyCom v6.17.0.

Hello, this is Aoki from the Stroly development team.

The rainy season has ended across the country and the hot days continue.

Today, I would like to briefly touch on the Ato-matsuri (later festival) of Gion Festival held in Kyoto, where the Stroly office is located.

The Ato-matsuri takes place from July 21 to July 23, but when I went to see the floats on the night of the 20th, some of the floats were already being assembled.

The picture is of the Minami Kannon Yama.

ust as Minami Kannon Yama has the benefit of warding off bad luck, each float in the Gion Festival has its own benefits.

Please check each float icon on the map below for more details about the benefits of each float.

f you want to see more detailed information about the Gion Festival, we also recommend the following maps.
You can see more various information by enlarging the map.

Now, let’s introduce the content of this release.

Update Information for Stroly Viewer v14.2.0

We have adjusted the position of the spot list button displayed in the iframe to make the map easier to see.

The spot list button was displayed towards the center of the map, making the map a little difficult to see, but with this update, we have placed it in a position that makes the map easier to see.

Before the update

After the update

Update Information for StrolyCom v6.17.0

When creating a beta version map, we changed the map on the editor screen from Google Map to OpenStreetMap.

When the beta version map was published, it was displayed in OpenStreetMap on the viewer side, but Google Map was displayed on the editor side, so we corrected it so that OpenStreetMap is initially displayed on the editor side.

At Stroly, we are committed to developing new features and improving functions every day in order to provide a thrilling user experience. Please look forward to the next release.

If you have any problems or requests while using Stroly, please feel free to contact us.

Our entire staff is looking forward to hearing from all of you, our users.