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What license permission do I need?

Copyright is a type of intellectual property right. It is a legal right granted by the creator (author) to the work he has created and allows him to grant or deny permission for the work to be used by others or to set the conditions under which it may be used. In some countries, a copyright application is required; in others, it is granted without a legal application, and the term of protection is usually limited. Depending on the country and jurisdiction, it is usually invalid for 50 to 100 years after the author’s death.

Copyright infringement refers to the reproduction, distribution, exhibition, performance, or creation of a derivative work without the author’s permission. Copyright infringement is often treated as a civil matter, but in some jurisdictions, it can also be punishable.

If you wish to post a map on Stroly that you did not create, please make sure that it is protected by copyright law, or ask the creator for permission to post it.

We have provided options for you to choose the appropriate license when you publish your map.
For more information, please check here.

If you have any questions, please contact us through here.