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How to use the map list and standard maps

Clicking more maps will display a list of maps included on the same board as the current map, as well as standard maps that can be selected for this map.

How to use(1)

Try walking around your current location using another map.
By clicking on the map, you can move to the target map while maintaining the center and scale of the map, as well as the direction in which the illustrated map is rotated.
Please try using it for walking around town, traveling, etc. while switching with the current map.

However, the pre-transition center is preserved only if the post-transition map contains the center.

How to use(2)

Add your own map of the same region to the board.By changing the map, you may be able to get a new feel for the characteristics of the area.

How to use(3)

Try using the map while switching between illustrated maps and standard maps.You may be able to find spots that you never noticed before, whether from the illustrated map or the standard map.

Video using the map list of more maps

Move around the map by switching between Japanese and English maps around Asakusa Station

If you have any questions, please contact us through here.