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  4. Stroly Viewer v16.6.0 has been released

Stroly Viewer v16.6.0 has been released

I visited SusHi Tech Tokyo in Yurakucho (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)!

sushi tech tokyo(有楽町)

This is Maeda of the Stroly development team. The other day, I visited SusHi Tech Tokyo in Yurakucho (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo). SusHi Tech Tokyo is one of Asia’s largest innovation events, with themed exhibitions, hands-on experiences and a whole day’s worth of fun.

  • An AR experience where visitors hold up a tablet device to a map of Tokyo drawn on the wall and search for insects and animals living in each area.
  • An experience where you control a character in a giant display and explore inside the symbolic buildings of the Tokyo Metropolis that have now been demolished.
  • An experience where you can create music by arranging animal voices in any way you like.

The experience was difficult to describe in words, such as.

There was also a Tokyo Olympic Corner, where the torch, medals, podium and volleyballs actually used in the games were on display, and you could actually touch them, which was a valuable experience.

Stroly is currently developing a Tokyo Startup Ecosystem Map (TIB area) focusing on the Tokyo Innovation Base (TIB), which is the base of SusHi Tech Tokyo.

If you are in Yurakucho, why not stop by SusHi Tech Tokyo with Stroly’s Tokyo Startup Ecosystem Map in hand and further explore the surrounding Daimaru-Yu area?


Let us begin by introducing the contents of this release.

stroly-viewer v16.6.0 release details

The GPS button has been changed to be more easily understood.

The GPS button used to use an arrowhead icon, but with this release we have changed the look of the button to make it clear that it is a “GPS” button.

The GPS button makes it easier for Stroly users to check nearby spots and events by acquiring location information.

If you receive a message stating that you are not authorized to use GPS, please check “How do I allow the use of location information (GPS)? in the Service Guide and try changing the setting.

StrolyCom v7.5.1 Release Details

Minor glitches have been corrected.

At Stroly, we are constantly developing new features and improving functionality to create an exciting user experience. Please continue to look forward to its release.

If you have any problems using Stroly, or if you have any requests, please feel free to contact us from the Contact Us page.

We look forward to hearing from all of our users.