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  4. Released Stroly Viewer v14.6.0 and StrolyCom v6.19.0

Released Stroly Viewer v14.6.0 and StrolyCom v6.19.0

Hello, this is Aoki from the Stroly development team.

The picture featured this time is of Nijo Castle in Kyoto.

A colleague recommended, “Pay attention to the transom when you look!” and indeed, the quality of the transom was outstanding. Whether viewed from the front or the back, it’s a beautifully three-dimensional work of art, so when visiting Nijo Castle, please take note of the transoms in the gates and rooms.

Now, the Obon holiday season has passed, and I believe some might be back from their summer vacations. Were you able to accomplish everything you wanted or needed to during the break?

At Stroly, regardless of the summer vacation, there are so many things we “want to do.” Just the other day in a meeting, I couldn’t help but blurt out, “I wish there were three more of me…”

For instance, we want to:

  • Establish a system for collaborative map editing
  • Enhance the customization of the stamp rally feature
  • Enrich the methods of displaying information on the viewer

And many more things are piling up on our wishlist. We plan for Stroly to continue evolving, so we hope you’ll look forward to it.

Now, let’s introduce today’s release updates.

Update Information for Stroly Viewer v14.6.0

Minor Changes in User Interface

We’ve made the following adjustments to the viewer’s user interface:

  • Positioned the Stroly logo to the top left
  • The compass that used to be in the top left has now been moved to the top right
  • Removed the room setting button that was displayed in the bottom right when using the viewer in modes other than group-mode

With these changes, the viewer’s functions and appearance have been streamlined, making Stroly even more user-friendly.

Open Street Map(OSM) Tiles Updated to a New Design

With Stroly, you can enjoy maps by switching between illustrated maps and standard maps. Recently, it’s even possible to publish a map using just the standard map without an illustrated map. For these standard maps, tiles from Google Maps, Open Street Map, and satellite maps, among others, are supported. Users can select their preferred map tile and enjoy the view.

With this release, we’ve updated the design of one of these map tiles, the Open Street Map (OSM), to a new look. It’s now more design-oriented and highlights spots beautifully. Please enjoy and make the most of the new Open Street Map tile design.

Update Information for StrolyCom v6.19.0

Editor’s Open Street Map (OSM) Tile Updated to New Design

In the editor, when aligning positions or setting spots, we’ve updated the design of the Open Street Map (OSM) tile to match that of the viewer.

At Stroly, we are dedicated to realizing an exhilarating user experience by constantly developing new features and improving existing functionalities. We hope you’ll continue looking forward to our releases.

If you ever encounter issues or have requests while using Stroly, please feel free to reach out through our contact form.

All of our staff eagerly await feedback from all of our users.