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How to use maps on Stroly

This section explains how to use maps on Stroly. You can use this as a reference.
Feel free to discover your own ways to use Stroly maps.

Browsing Spots:

Creators add things that they want to introduce as Spots on their maps. You may find useful information or information you didn’t know about a particular area.

Using the Spot list:

You can browse all the spots included in the Spot list. Clicking on a spot name will take you to that spot on the map. You can also show and hide spots while you’re moving around the map.


Comments allow you to communicate with other users participating in the map. You can send information about an area or your thoughts at a spot.

Sharing your current location + Sharing your route:

When you share your current location, the character will move to where you are on the map. Also, when you share your route, a line will be drawn along the route you’ve traveled.
Your current location and route will be shared with the people participating on the map.

Browsing recommended maps:

You can browse “maps that contain the same area”, “maps with similar registration information”, and “maps that look similar” to that map.

Viewing other map options:

In addition to illustrated maps, you can switch the map view to Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, or Satellite Map. Use these maps to get more detailed information about the area.

You can use Google Maps if you’re used to our Basic or Premium features.

Using maps on Smartphones:

You can use maps on your smartphone from your browser so that you can use them right away.

There is no need to install an application.

If you have any questions, please contact us through here.