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How to use the Room

Rooms allow you to manage the people who participate in the map.

For example, you can use Rooms if you want to use the map with a limited number of people, such as your acquaintances, or if you want to use the map for a local event.

Knowing how Rooms work will help you enjoy Stroly maps more.

■How to use Rooms

Rooms can be created from “Room Settings” by clicking the “i” button on the map. Enter a room name, and click the “Create a URL” button to publish the URL for a new room.

From this screen, you can share the Room on social media.

If you don’t want to use “Room Settings”, you can specify it by changing the parameters listed at the end of the map URL.
In the case of “https://stroly.com/viewer/1524641645/?room=stroly”, “room=stroly” is used to specify the room.You can create another room by simply changing the “stroly” part.

If the room name is already used by another user, the other user can join the map.

If you wish to use a room name other than “stroly,” you must use the Basic or Premium feature.

For the Free feature, “Room Settings” will not be displayed.

If you have any questions, please contact us through here.