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About solo mode

When you access the map in solo mode, the character selection window does not appear, and you can enter the map immediately.

※The solo mode has some functions different from the normal map mode.To use solo mode, delete “room=(room name)” from the map URL and open the map.

normal mode: https://stroly.com/viewer/1608618697/?room=stroly

solo mode: https://stroly.com/viewer/1608618697/

What’s different from the normal mode

  • The character selection window does not appear.
  • Enter the map area and click the GPS button to see your character.
  • You can see the users in room=stroly on the map, but not their names.
  • Other users on the map cannot see you.
  • Your character icon is chosen randomly, and your name appears as “me”.
  • If you are logged in to Stroly, your profile image on My Page will appear on the map.
  • You can’t make comments.

Try solo mode when using maps.

If you have any questions, please contact us through here.