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How to use Viewer

This section explains the basics of how to use Viewer.

1.Your character
Your avatar will appear at the center of the map.
In solo mode, enter the map area and click the GPS button to display it.
When using a room, your character is always displayed.

These icons show where the Spots are.
You can create your original icons for Spots.

3.i button
You can check more information about the map, e.g. map details, by tapping this button.

4.Compass button
If you press the compass button while the illustration map is rotated, the map will return to the open state.
In this state, if you press the compass button, the illustration map will rotate with the top of the screen facing north.
If you press the compass button while the standard map is rotated, the standard map will rotate with the top of the screen facing north.

You can communicate with other characters on the map by chatting. You can also see other characters who are on the map inside the Chat window.

6.Spot List
Shows a list of Spots on the map.

7.GPS button
This button displays your current location on the map. If you are using the room function, click to open a window where you can give permission to share your current location.

8.+ー button
This button is used to scale the map.

9.Map switch button
This button is for switching between the illustrated map and the standard map.The standard map displays the map selected in more maps.

10.more maps
Click to see standard maps to choose from, as well as maps included on the same board as the current map.

11.Stroly logo
You will see the Stroly logo on the top left. It is not displayed for Basic and Premium functions.

If you have any questions, please contact us through here.