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  4. Released Stroly Viewer v13.4.0, Stroly My Page v3.3.0, StrolyCom v6.10.0

Released Stroly Viewer v13.4.0, Stroly My Page v3.3.0, StrolyCom v6.10.0

Hello, this is Maeda from the Stroly development team.

With the G7 Hiroshima Summit being held, Hiroshima City in Hiroshima Prefecture has been attracting more and more attention. In addition to the Atomic Bomb Dome and Hiroshima Peace Park, it is also an area full of highlights such as Hiroshima Castle, Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima, and Ujina Island, which was also the summit venue.

Stroly was involved in the development of the stamp rally map for the “Ado Music Rally” of Hiroshima PR project Harutabi, which is sponsored by JR West. It is a collaboration project with singer Ado. You can go around Hiroshima’s famous places while looking at Ado’s map. The Ado Music Rally is scheduled to run until July 16, 2023. Why not take this opportunity to visit Hiroshima?


Update information for stroly-viewer v13.4.0

The direction now matches the map you were looking at when switching maps between projects

We recently released a feature that allows you to view related maps by opening “more maps” in the bottom right corner of the map. When you tap the map, the map will switch while maintaining the current map scale and center point, but this release also supports switching with the direction aligned.

At the same time, by adding a direction parameter to the map, it is now possible to control the initial display direction of the map.

Improved the name of my icon in language environments other than Japanese

When displaying the English version of the map, the name was still “myself”, so it has been corrected to be “Me”.

Improved the design of spot information

Among the events set for open spots, events that meet the following conditions are now displayed at the top.

Conditions for displaying an event at the top of spot information (in order of priority)

  1. Events being held when the spot information is opened
  2. Events scheduled to be held on the day the spot information is opened
  3. Events that were held on the day you opened the spot information (currently finished)

With this change, event information is easier to see when you open spot information.

Improved map switching UI design

For the selected map, it became clear that it was selected using the border, but the selected map layer also uses the border to indicate the selection. Improved so that you can see which map layer is on.

In addition, we made a difference in the border so that you can see which one is displayed, the map or the map layer.

Corresponded so that the size of the category icon is unified when the category name of the spot list becomes 2 lines or 3 lines.

Fixed an issue where the size of the category icons would be inconsistent and the layout would be broken when the category name of the spot list had 2 or 3 lines.

Other minor improvements have been made.

Update information for stroly-mypage v3.3.0

Removed event calendar link on My Page

The conductor has been removed to improve the functionality of the event calendar.

Added My Page and Editor Guide links

For your convenience, we have added links to My Page and Editor’s Guide.

Update information for StrolyCom v6.10.0

Standard maps in the editor can now be further zoomed in

The upper limit for zooming in when viewing Google Maps in the map editor has been raised.
This update makes it easier to fine-tune mapping and spot positions.

On the other hand, for maps other than Google Maps (Open Street Map, Geospatial Information Authority of Japan map, satellite photos), the magnification rate remains the same.
Therefore, if you cannot switch from Google Maps to another map at a high magnification, please reduce the magnification before switching.

Discontinued login function by linking Twitter account

Due to the Twitter API specification change, Stroly has terminated the login function via Twitter account linkage.

Please see the notice below for details.


At Stroly, we strive to develop new features and improve features every day to provide an exciting user experience. Please continue to look forward to the release.

If you have any problems using Stroly or have any requests, please feel free to contact us.

We are looking forward to hearing from all the staff and users.