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  4. Stroly Viewer v12.2.0 has been released.

Stroly Viewer v12.2.0 has been released.

Hello, my name is Aoki and I am a member of the Stroly development team.

I think the cold weather has eased up recently.
Many plum trees are growing in my area, and they have started to bloom since last week.
I think spring is coming soon.

Neighborhood plum trees in early bloom

Now, let us explain the contents of this release.

Update Information for Stroly Viewer v12.2.0

Changed display settings for some wording.

  • Spot names consisting only of single-byte characters were not aligned correctly when displayed in the spot list.
  • The message displayed in the stamp rally ledger upon completion of the stamp rally has been rebalanced.

At Stroly, we are constantly developing new features and improving functionality to create an exciting user experience. Please continue to look forward to our release.

If you have any problems using Stroly, or if you have any requests, please feel free to contact us from the Contact Us page.

The entire staff is looking forward to hearing from users.