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Route search function has been released.

My name is Maeda and I am a Stroly engineer. Happy New Year! Thank you for your continued support of Stroly this year. All of us on the Stroly development team will continue to develop and release useful features for everyone this year. Please stay tuned.

I would also like to express my heartfelt condolences to the recent Noto Peninsula earthquake. We hope that the situation will recover as soon as possible.

So, how did you spend your New Year holidays? I was relaxing at my parents’ house in Ibaraki Prefecture. I have healed myself from a year’s worth of fatigue and am filled with motivation again. Personally, I plan to run even harder this year than last year.

We will be as tenacious as rice cakes and grow like climbing dragons. Please stay tuned!

Now, let me introduce the contents of the first release in 2024.

About the functions of stroly-viewer side

We have released a route search function on some maps.

Route searches within spot information are now available on some maps.

The route search function will be available to end users when the map poster enables the function on My Page (for details, please refer to the release details of My Page).

In the case of an illustrated map, the more detailed the “mapping” that links the illustrated map with the real coordinates, the easier it is for the displayed route to match the road on the illustrated map.

When the end user presses the route search button (red frame in the image), the route to the spot will be displayed if the end user is within the range of the map. *If the end user is outside the range of the map, the route will not be displayed.

The route displayed is the shortest route on foot (travel by car or public transportation is not supported)

If you find a map that allows you to search for routes, please try using it.

About the functions of stroly-mypage

In order to be able to use the map route search function, you need to enable the route search function from My Page as described above.

The item “Search routes to spots” is displayed in the map list on My Page, so please switch it to “ON”.

Please note that when enabling the route search function, the accuracy of the mapping will affect the route display. Depending on the accuracy of the mapping, the correct route may no longer be displayed. Therefore, I would like you to enable the route search function after performing the mapping work correctly.

At Stroly, we strive to develop new features and improve functionality every day to create an exciting user experience. Please continue to look forward to the release.

If you have any problems or requests while using Stroly, please feel free to contact us.

All of our staff are looking forward to hearing from our users.