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  4. Stroly Viewer v15.3.0 has been released, and the case studies have been updated

Stroly Viewer v15.3.0 has been released, and the case studies have been updated

Hello. I’m Ishii, a Stroly engineer.

Last month, I visited my family home in Hyogo for the first time in 4 months, using the weekend from Friday to Sunday. It was great to see that my family was still doing well. Also, my niece, who was only 4 months old when I last visited, had grown bigger and started to laugh and talk more, making her even cuter (although she cried when I held her on the first day).

Whenever I go back home, I always have to eat ramen and katsudon. Here are some pictures of these dishes. I indulged in the restaurant’s classic ramen with extra chashu and a katsudon, a hearty combination.

I knew I would have to watch my diet when I got back, as I had gained a few kilos, but I want to make sure I don’t grow as big as my niece.

Now, let’s get into this release note.

Update Information for stroly-viewer v15.3.0

Improved Display Position of the Search Box on the Homepage

Previously, the search menu was located in the middle of the homepage. However, with the aim of making it more accessible to a wider audience, we have moved it to the top of the homepage. We have also implemented tags that change with each update, so we hope you can discover your favorite maps.

Hide Thumbnails of Currently Displayed Maps in “more maps” When No Illustrated Map is Registered

Previously, when opening a map that didn’t have an illustrated map registered, the currently open map would be shown as a thumbnail in “more maps,” but pressing the button would result in no response. Therefore, in this update, we have made the thumbnails hidden in such cases.

Update Information for Stroly Implementation Case Studies

Here are the update details for this week’s implementation case studies:

  • Changed the display of regional case studies from prefecture-based to region-based.
  • Added tag display at the bottom of implementation case studies.

These changes have made it easier to find implementation case studies. If you’d like, please explore various case studies and experience the charm of Stroly even more.

At Stroly, we strive to develop new features and improve functionality every day to create an exciting user experience. Please continue to look forward to the release.

If you have any problems or requests while using Stroly, please feel free to contact us.

All of our staff are looking forward to hearing from our users.