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How to add mapping points for best map positioning results

Here’s how you can adjust the positioning of the maps effectively.

■The basics is to register mapping points to intersections on a map.
・Make sure you add mapping points to the center of the intersections on a map.

■If you effectively align the map to an actual location it gives users the following experience.

If you want to create a better experience for whoever visiting the area on your map, you need to make sure that you register the mapping points to the paths that people can walk on.

When posting, make sure you see the map not as a single spot (point) but a single area (surface). You will be able to align the map as a surface rather than a point.
By doing this, when someone visits the area illustrated on the map, they can walk around the entire area. It would also help to show the user’s current location on the illustrated map.

■Adding mapping points on places other than the intersections.

・Add mapping points covering the entire area including the edge of the map.

・Add mapping points to the corners of the area for buildings and parks.
Make sure to add points on the corners instead of the entire surface.
This method is useful when there are few intersections and you don’t know where to add the points.

■Using Mappalisto
This function adds mapping points automatically to the map.
Use this function as a guide to place mapping points.

Check here for more information on Mappalisto.

■Frequently asked questions

1.I don’t know where to place mapping points.
First, try registering at least three major intersections.

2.What happens if I only place mapping points to the spot (landmark) information I want to show?

If you place mapping points on top of the spot information, there is a high possibility that the following will occur.

Illustrations are often drawn in an exaggerated way, so if you only add mapping points to the spots, the current location will be off the actual place. It will also make it easy for people to deviate from the path you actually want them to walk.

3.If the location of the buildings depicted is wrong.

If you can fix the illustrated map, please re-upload it with the correct order.
If you can’t fix the map because it was drawn by someone else, please note that the current location information will be skipped in that area.

If you have any questions, please contact us through here.