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How to register Spots

Before you register spots

1.Prepare a photo and text of the location you want to register to the spot.

2.Make sure that the mapping is done.

Registering spots

1.Click “place” from the menu panel to turn it on.

2.Click the location where you want to place the spot (landmark) information. (You can add spot information on either the illustrated map or the standard map.)

3.The “Landmark Information” screen will open.

4.In simple mode (*1), you can enter only one photo and text. In HTML mode (*2), you can enter multiple photos, text, links, or audio.

5.When you have finished entering the information, click “Preview” to check that the information is correct, and then click OK to register.

6.Repeat steps 2-5.

7.When you are done, click the orange “Save” button in the upper right corner, and then click “Save” from the pull-down menu.

※1 Simple mode

1.Enter a title.

2.Click the camera symbol to upload an image.

3.Enter your text in the text input screen.

4.If you want to create a text link, select the text you want to link, and then click “Add a link to selected text” in the bottom right corner.

5.When the URL registration screen opens, enter the URL you want to link to and click OK.

Note: If you’ve uploaded an image multiple times in step 2, the last image uploaded will be registered.

※2 HTML mode

1.Go to the simple mode on the Landmark Information screen, and click “Go to HTML mode” on the right side.

2.The simple mode will convert to HTML mode. (You cannot go back to simple mode.)

3.Since this is written in HTML, CSS is also enabled.

4.In the bottom left corner, click the “Attach other media” pull down menu to add photos, audio, and other media.
When you add the media, the HTML will be inserted in the input area.

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