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How to use LANDMARK on Editor

On the LANDMARK page, you can add or delete landmarks (spots).

You can register recommended places, stores, public institutions, etc., on the Stroly map and add photos, text, links, etc.

By adding information that can’t be written on an illustrated map, such as captivating photos and reasons for choosing the places you want to recommend, you can show the depicted area more attractive.

1.Menu panel: Add or delete pins.

2.Select the language in which you want to show the contents of landmarks.

3.Landmarks (spots) list: Displays list of landmarks (spots) per category.

Landmark (spot) pins

In addition to basic information such as photo images and text, you can add audio, video, websites, and SNS to landmark (spot) pins.

Feel free to get inspired by the maps published on Stroly.

If you have any questions, please contact us through here.