BLM MAP in KYOTO or WASHINGTON D.C. / #Music map

BLM MAP in KYOTO or WASHINGTON D.C. / #Music map thumbnail

Black lives matter is now a movement around the world, mainly in the United States. It shouldn't be considered a "fire on the other side of the river"(Japanese way of saying "none of our business"). However, I also feel that it hasn't quite hit people living in Japan because there are fewer inspirations or triggers that made us take action. But we can start thinking about what we can do and improving the world to be a better place. This is a map that depicts 1.3km from Nijo St. to Shijo St. in the Kamogawa river area in Kyoto. On the Westside, I wrote the lyrics for The Beatles "Blackbird." On the Eastside, I wrote the full speech of "I have a dream" by Martin Luther King Jr. that was given on the steps of Lincoln Memorial in 1963. You will find the song and the audio of the speech in the Pins. During the process of making this map, I measured the distance of the length where the march took place, which is from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial, to apply the same range to Kyoto. By walking through this section using the map, you can experience how people felt during the march 57 years ago. Paul MacCartney stated that the "Blackbird" of the Beatles was made for black women simultaneously (in 1968). Let's take our time, feel March on Washington, and think about the movement that is happening now. I hope Kyoto will continue to be a place where diverse values, cultures, and races meet forever.

update date: 2020.08.25


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